Waterlox®, ElectroChemical Activation through eKlean System and Water Ionization through aKua®, generating Technology.
How the Electrolyzed Activated Water generator, eKlean, works?

A unique, patented electrolysis cell and Proprietary Key Material produce the solutions.
Frequently referred to as Super-Oxidized Water in the past, Waterlox solutions are produced by the electrolysis of brine solutions. A proprietary electrochemical cell is controlled by a patented process and contained in a series of proprietary materials. It produces a dilute mixture of mild oxidants at nearly neutral pH from the brine solution. The primary active ingredient in the product stream is HYPOCHLOROUS acid (HOCL), and remarkably powerful biocide that is non-toxic at the low concentrations necessary for sterilization or disinfection with Waterlox solutions.

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