This is a Brand of a special chemical catalyst helping Quality Aqueous Solution as well as descale.

是我公司制造并供应的eKlean, Waterlox等用于电解活性水生成设备的添加剂品牌。
投入定量(准确的量)的添加剂,可生成 Pharmaceutical Grade Hypochlorous Acid 。

Other Auxiliary Water Technologies

产品概要: “水不同”这一点对于将水作为原料使用的机器来说等于是 “投入的原料不同”。因原料的不同,生产出的完成品也有可能不同。因用错原料而有可能产生的问题,用汽车为例说明的话就是 “使用汽油的车中注入柴油一样”,如果注入不正确的原料的话,机器会产生异常,导致故障。我公司拥有ECA机器不发生故障并长期使用的专利技术和设备、现场经验和BIG Data。
室内泳池的水需要定期消毒。直接生成现在室内泳池中用来进行水消毒的消毒剂 (NaOCl)(NaOCl, 10,000 ppm)的生产设备。可在原有净水消毒设备上添加生成装置或交替安装就可使用。
所有建筑的室内空气调节器具都需要定期进行消毒。因空气调节系统的卫生问题容易产生的肺炎菌集体发病现象。除掉空气调节器中生成的生物膜(Bio film),维持清洁的话会解决肺炎菌致病问题。
可直接生产常用于消毒室内空气调节系统消毒的消毒剂次氯酸钠(NaOCl)(10,000 ppm)的生产设备。可制造并供应电解活性水生产设备。
Since the introduction of steel-hulled vessels around 120 years ago, water has been used as ballast to stabilize vessels at sea. Ballast water is pumped in to maintain safe operating conditions throughout a voyage. This practice reduces stress on the hull, provides transverse stability, improves propulsion and maneuverability, and compensates for weight changes in various cargo load levels and due to fuel and water consumption. While ballast water is essential for safe and efficient modern shipping operations, it may pose serious ecological, economic and health problems due to the multitude of marine species carried in ships’ ballast water. These include bacteria, microbes, small invertebrates, eggs, cysts and larvae of various species. The transferred species may survive to establish a reproductive population in the host environment, becoming invasive, out-competing native species and multiplying into pest proportions. The problem of invasive species in ships’ ballast water is largely due to the expanded trade and traffic volume over the last few decades and, since the volumes of seaborne trade continue to increase, the problem may not yet have reached its peak yet. The effects in many areas of the world have been devastating. Quantitative data show that the rate of bio-invasions is continuing to increase at an alarming rate and new areas are being invaded all the time.