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eKlean 50

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eKlean 50


You can generate hypochlorous acid, which is a natural disinfectant, yourself or Clorox (cleaning detergent) with only salt and tap water in eKean. You don’t need to go to a store to purchase a chemical detergent such as Clorox. In addition, you can generate a simple detergent (similar to baking powder) with eKlean.
However, you need to use additives provided by the company to ensure the optimized and best quality for certain products.

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Product Description

Product Name as Generally Known ECA Water Generator
Brand Name Waterlox ECO PB accepted
Application & Usages General Cleaning, Hygiene for small Individual use
Design No. EKLEAN 50
[ Waterlox 1500 ]
Membrane or Membrane-Free Membrane-Free
Size 25cm * 12cm Ø 1.1 Kgs
Power Specification DC 12 V, 5A 50/60Hz
Best Features Easy to Use,
Stand alone,
Accurate Pharmaceutical Grade HOCL
Auxiliary Device None


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