ElectroChemical Activation

The concept and applications of electrochemically activated Water, Electrolyzed water, Super Oxidized Water, Electrochemically oxidized Water, functional water Whatever it is called either named, the two oxygen molecules and one hydrogen molecule are clustered together with chemical additives and become a new water, are NOT actually new.

This process is located in the two areas “B” “D” by vertical line middle.

It is said that a water ionizer i.e. aKua, produces strong acidic water, which acts as a powerful disinfectant with high pH 2.7 more acidic. Theoretically it is a water ionizer produces acidic water and alkaline water but basically the water ionizer is designed to generate alkaline ionized water for DRINKING not for disinfectant production. ElectroChemical Activation Device & Systems, eKlean 50, eKlean 5010, Waterlox DUO, are the appropriate answer for the disinfectant generating.
ElectroChemical Activation differs from Ionization in opposite in terms of its application.
A water ionizer such as aKua can produce strong acid water with pH. 2.7 and strong acid water can be used as a disinfectant. It is correct in theory. However, aKua is designed to produce alkali ionized water for drinking purpose not water for disinfection purpose. KTCC distinguishes electrolysis ionized water and electrolysis activated water in order to avoid customer confusion. While electrolysis ionized water is produced for the purpose of drinking, Electrolysis activated water is generated by compact equipment for the purpose of disinfection, sterilization or cleaning by an electrochemical method like chemical additives.