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Waterlox Commercial 5

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Waterlox Commercial 5

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This is a Brand of the commercial size ECA machine producing aqueous solution, HOCL or NAOCL. It has no membrane. It is compact but can be used for commercial purposes. As it can be installed on the wall or in a small space, it is most suitable for a medium-sized business. It can generate 20 LPM (5 GPM) per minute (in case of generating standard solution).
الوظيفة الأولی لهذا الجهاز إنتاج حمض الهيبوكلوروس الذي يعتبر معقــِّما طبيعيا كما يمكن إنتاج هيبوكلوريت الصوديوم (NaOCI) الذي يشابه Clorox من ناحية المكونات و التركيبات و يمكن إنتاجه بإضافة الملح و الماء العادي بـ Waterlox commercial 5.


Product Description

Product Name as Generally Known ECA Water Generator
Brand Name Waterlox ECO PB accepted
Application & Usages General Cleaning, Hygiene for Commercial use
Design No. Waterlox Commercial 5
Membrane or Membrane-Free   Membrane-Free
Size 35cm *52cm *24cm (D) 25 Kgs
Power Specification AC100/220V, 50/60Hz, 700W
Best Features Easy to Install,
  Easy to Operate,
  Compacter, Smarter
Auxiliary Device Water Softener, Water Standardizer
Solution generated HOCL, NAOCL, Acidic Electrolyzed Water, Super Oxidized Water
Volume generated Max. 1800 LPH
[ 475 GPH ]
Additive NaCl, Katalyte,


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