Current chemical manufacturing process

يشتمل إنتاج مواد الغسيل و المعقــِّمات علی مسارين و هما إنتاج السائل و الضخ، و في كلا المسارين نحتاج إلی حجم محدد من التسهيلات و الآليات الصناعية المصنفة و لكن معداتنا لإنتاج الماء المحلل بالكهرباء قد قللت كثيرا من مقاييس التسهيلات اللازمة لإنتاج السائل المطلوب. تعلم شركة KTCC جيدا أن إنتاج حجم قليل من الماء المحلل بالكهرباء في أية منطقة أو إنتاج مواد الغسيل (سيما حامض الهيبوكلوروس أو هيبوكلورايت الصوديوم) مسار إنتاج جديد؛ هذا و تلبي هذه الشركة حاجات عملاء مختلفين بالنظر إلی خبراتها في مجال الأجهزة صغيرة الحجم جدا و أيضا الأجزاء و التركيبات المتعلقة به. و حاليا تبحث هذه الشركة عن شركاء معتمدين لتنمية التسهيلات و تحسين الخدمات و الهندسة الفضلی في الأسواق. تعتقد KTCC أن منتجي السيارات من منافسيها لأن العملاء يستخدمون سياراتهم للذهاب إلی المحال و المتاجر و شراء طرود مختلفة من مواد الغسيل أو المعقــِّمات.

Green Chemical Bottling, This is a new business direction

Possibly many would not think that the ECA device is in potential since there was no real things in the world. Even the supporters of this new technology underestimate the potential.

  • No MORE Big Investment !
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Super Profits
  • Plug & Play Easy operation
  • High & Early B.E.P
  • On-Demand Operation

These days, good quality or low price is not an enough terms and conditions to sell products. Wholesalers and consumers want to know what they can get additionally. Many buyers wish to be provided high quality and competitive products from as few suppliers as possible.
KTCC have known the value of water for quite a long time and started to realize changes to chemical agents used in the entire chemical industry and at homes.{DIY}

Recently the chemical manufacturing industry is facing a huge conceptual change in that a cleaning detergent & sanitizer which were used to be purchased at a store can be easily made at home; such as baking powder is used as a substitute of cleaning detergent. The chemical industry is usually a large-size-facilities-required industry that is too huge for a small company to handle. In addition, chemistry is not an area that can be easily controlled as it is related to various areas including electrochemical, pharmacy, food engineering, metals, environment and medical industry and requires technical engineers. In other words, unlike the IT industry, the chemical industry requires huge initial investment.And water is the basis of the chemical industry.

Here are those who might help to understand our water technology and make our product in public widely. In order to help understand the significance of water related products, websites of large companies to which KTCC has supplied water products are presented on public.

In addition to the simple fact that water consists of oxygen and hydrogen, it is an essential element to human health and life and a crucial factor for economy. A business without regular and constant access to clean water may suffer a sharp price rise or be severe disruption. A business is completely dependent on water and vulnerable to risks, regardless of specific business areas. Agriculture, power generation, beverage production or even tourism. The growth of all businesses is dependent on water.

According to New York-based Lux Research, the revenues of the world’s water-related businesses will rise from $522 billion in 2007 to nearly $1 trillion by 2020, and global water shortages will drive the need for innovative water technology and efficiency of use.
We cannot afford to ignore the linkages between water and the economy.

The significance of water in relation to economy may be compared by means of the number of people in economic zones. However, it is difficult to numerically represent its contribution to economy. Water is an important safety and input element in an economic structure.